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Staging day is coming!
Are you ready?

We are excited to stage your house, but we need the following taken care of before staging day so we can stage efficiently and help your home/listing look its best. We understand that even with the best planning that sometimes things take extra time, please reach out to us to reschedule if any of the following tasks require more time. 

Construction is complete

All of the construction should be completed both inside and outside the home, including painting. This way we aren't working around or getting in the way of contractors.

Cleaning is finished

Whether you are cleaning the house yourself or hiring a professional, the cleaning should be completed before staging so we are not working around or getting in the way of cleaners. 

Contractor box is in place

Our team needs access to bring in staging furniture and accessories, a contractor box is a great way to make a key available to our team for staging as well as any staging maintenance that may need to happen. Also, remember to communicate the code to Ready Interiors

Firearms must be securely stored

We require all firearms to be stored securely or removed from the property prior to staging. 

Driveway is clear

We need the closest access possible from our vehicle to the front door to get couches and other large furniture into the house. 

Power and water must be on

We need access to power and water for the staging process for a variety of reasons, but having working utilities also makes your home look more appealing and comfortable to potential buyers. 

Pets must be contained 

It is important that pets are contained for the safety of our team as well as for the safety of your pet. We don't want your pet to escape out the door as we bring in furniture.

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