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  • Can you work with my budget?
    We can generally work within reasonable budgets and we are happy to quote different rates for different levels of service. We are unable to reduce our pricing without reducing the level of service provided.
  • How can I make sure I am ready for staging?
    Check out this page for a list of things to do to make your staging day successful!
  • Can I turn off utilities to the house since I will not be living there?
    We require utilities to remain turned on for the time that your listing is staged.
  • What happens if you show up and I am not ready?
    We will charge a return trip fee if our team arrives and the listing is not ready for staging.
  • Will you install curtain rods?
    We do not install curtain rods, but we will dress any curtains in the contracted staging spaces.
  • What if the linens or upholstery get dirty while in my listing?
    There will be a $150 cleaning fee assessed for dirty upholstery or linens.
  • Do you provide door mats?
    We do not provide door mats?
  • We have pets; how does this affect an occupied staging?
    We ask that you keep your pets off of staging furniture and linens but we understand that is not always easy. Due to the more intensive cleaning required for furniture and linens placed in homes with pets, we add a $150 cleaning fee to occupied stagings with pets.
  • Can I rearrange the staging furniture after you leave?
    We ask that you do not move staging furniture; it makes you liable for any damages caused from moving.
  • How long is my staging rental for?
    Our staging pricing includes 60 days of furniture and accessory rental; after the initial 60 days it will be 30% of your original price plus tax.
  • When is my invoice due?
    You will be invoiced when your staging is complete. Your payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  • Can I pay from escrow?
    We prefer not to take payment from escrow but in some situations we are willing to accommodate this request for agents we have worked with consistently. Due to the additional administrative overhead of taking payment from escrow there will be a $150 fee for any invoices being paid from escrow whether it is part or all of the invoice. Staging insurance can not be paid for from escrow. If your staging expires and you choose not to continue to have the listing staged, your invoice will become due in full.
  • What is Staging Risk Management (SRM)?
    Your insurance policy may not cover the staging contents placed in your home. · Most insurance policies only cover the items owned by the insured. · Most homeowner policies do not provide coverage if the property is not occupied. Ready Interiors Staging offers optional insurance coverage under the SRM (Staging Risk Management) Staging Policy, to protect all of Ready Interior’s home staging items while in your home against theft, vandalism, water damage, fire and other covered perils. Ask your Ready Interiors home stager for details. Read more about SRM here.
  • When do I tell you that my listing is under contract?
    Please let us know right away when you know the projected close date. We require 5 (five) days notice to pick up staging
  • Can we keep the staging until our close date?
    Because of the variables in close dates and since we are not party to the contract with the buyers, it creates legal liability for our staging furniture to be in a listing when it closes. Once appraisal has been completed pickup should be scheduled
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