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“Dress for the job you want to have”, sound advice that extends beyond what you wear.


I am part of several “buy/sell” groups on Facebook, and every time someone asks for a real estate agent recommendation, there are as many recommendations as there are people that comment. I often wonder in this sea of agents that are suggested how the original poster is supposed to decide which of those agents to use.


If I were a potential client searching for you, how would you be set apart from any other agent? Sure, you probably have great customer service, and you listen to your client, but how many agents also have those traits, and how am I (as a potential client) supposed to determine that from your web presence – which is probably my first introduction to you.


Can I find you? Do you have an active website that tells me about you and shows me your listings that you have helped clients buy and sell?


Do you go the extra mile to have your listings professionally staged and photographed or are you an agent that does the minimum? Just because a listing may sell quickly in the current market, doesn’t mean that you should cut corners on marketing. Clients will see and value the extra services that will help their listing sell and be set apart from competing listings, therefore commanding a more desirable offer.


Let Ready Interiors Staging help you “Dress for the job you want to have” we will make your

listing look it’s best by creating a custom staging plan that highlights the features of your listing to make it show its best to potential buyers. We can also professionally photograph it for you, taking the stress of coordinating vendors and “dressing your listing” off your plate.

Your listing is your image

Professionalism in your image

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