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What do home stagers do?

Confession time:  I yell at the TV every time I watch House Hunters.  I get so frustrated at the potential buyers for pointing out easily solved “challenges” in their homes.  I’ll admit, it’s obnoxious and I’ve had to stop watching that show. I can only shout “You can paint the walls!” so many times.  However, my annoying habit brings to light an obstacle to selling a home: most buyers cannot picture themselves in a vacant home.  This is where a stager becomes a realtor’s secret weapon.  


While the idea of a stager conjures up images of HGTV designers adding the finishing touches, hanging art and fluffing pillows, the process is so much more than you can capture in a 30 minute TV show.  Staging a home is a unique task, and is very different from decorating a home.


We first walk through a home, starting from the view from the street, and create a unique plan

for each home.  Utilizing on-trend pieces, we accentuate the home’s best features. We keep in mind photography angles and architectural features so that your online listing will look its best.  We create a cohesive look that tells potential buyers a story- the story of their family living in that home. From the front yard, to the back, upstairs and down, we create a look that will have buyers saying, “Yes, I can see myself living here.  Yes, I can see myself cooking in this kitchen, or relaxing in the bath.” These affirmative thoughts get our homes off the market in 72% less time than a vacant listing. In occupied listings, our job takes on another, very important task. We walk buyers through the process of depersonalization, taking an emotional conversation off a realtor’s long list of responsibilities.  This may involve a homeowner who loves a particular piece of art, or who has a difficult time saying goodbye to a home. We engage with sellers, encouraging them to depersonalize for their family’s safety, but also helping them to see that their home is ready to belong to someone new. This means we can say the things you don’t want to say to your sellers, helping you keep a positive relationship with your seller through the entire process. 


Stagers and Realtors share the same goal: to sell a home as quickly as possible, for the best

price possible.  An investment in staging is the best way to achieve this goal. It’s not just showing up to fluff the pillows; it is a strategic process designed to maximize profit.  It’s a proven process and we take pride in our results. So let us put our knowledge to work for you. We’ll even fluff the pillows while we’re at it. 

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