We don't Just Fluff Pillows

Have you ever watched an HGTV staging montage? They often quickly gloss over the heavy

lifting, the hours of pre-planning and the putting together furniture. Usually the montage consists of karate chopping decorative pillows into submission and arranging the last few pieces of decorative fruit into their rightful place. We want to show you that there is more to staging than just fluffing pillows.

When you contact Ready Interiors Staging about your listing, the work begins. Our team of trained designers schedule a walkthrough of the space to determine the best way to stage it. There are a lot of factors that determine the “best” way to stage a house. We look at how to maximize each room and space, showing potential buyers how they might use it and allow them to visualize themselves in the home with a clean and decluttered look that draws attention to the features of the house. We look at colors and tones, and determine how to best compliment the existing look of the house (paint colors, countertops, cabinetry, flooring).

Once the walkthrough is complete, we plan. We plan what furniture, decorations, and

accessories will look the best in the house. We have an extensive inventory to pull from and are often adding to it to create new, fresh looks in the listings we stage.

After the planning phase, we bring everything to the house. This is called Load-in. We arrive with everything we need to beautifully stage the listing.

Our team then goes to work arranging furniture, hanging artwork, and placing decor pieces just right. Once finished, we double check the details to make sure the home is photo ready.

Now, you might think that this is where it ends...but you would be incorrect.

We monitor each of the listings we have staged, we share active listings on our social media, website blog and often feature homes we have staged on our website to help get more eyes on the listing. When the listing is pending we work closely with the agent to determine when to pick up the staging pieces (usually after the appraisal has been completed).

Through the staging process and even once it has been completed, we work to build and grow relationships with agents, and their clients, return agents/clients and agent/client referrals are the biggest compliment we can receive.

This is the first write up in a multi-part series “We don’t just fluff pillows”.

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