Spotlight on Small Businesses: Magnolia Signs

Our Spotlight on Small Businesses this month is on Magnolia Signs in Tacoma, WA.

Before the "Stay at home" order went into effect, we had a Team Building event at Magnolia Signs. When Janai said that we would be making signs, I was a bit unsure what to expect and a little afraid I would be left with something I wasn't very happy to display - but I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience.

Before the day you plan to go in, you go to the Magnolia Signs website and choose your sign design, what you want it to say, what shape it is and so forth. There are a lot of options to choose from! I recommend thinking in advance where you want to display the sign, so that you know what size/shape will be best and what color scheme you want to use for your sign.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Jen who went over the process with us of making

our sign, choosing the stain to use and the paint colors (there was a nice variety of paints and stains). Jen was friendly, accessible to answer questions and a huge help in making sure that the sign we walked out with would be a great addition to our homes.

I highly recommend checking out Magnolia Signs, it's a wonderful way to spend time with friends (or make new friends). During the "Stay at home" order, they are selling "Make-at-home"

kits, so you can still experience sign making, but from the comfort of your home.

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