Spotlight on small businesses: Inky Quills LLC

Updated: May 21, 2020

Inky Quills LLC logo

When I asked Janai this month for an idea for a business to feature, she immediately suggested Inky Quills LLC. She excitedly told me about Chris and how amazing she is, and how wonderful the soap products she sells are.

I enjoyed perusing the website and the beautiful photos of soaps that appealed to both my senses of sight and smell.

lavender soap

Here is what Chris says about Inky Quills

"We pour our energy into the creation of handcrafted products that inspire and fulfill practical, healthy needs without severely impacting our customer’s pocketbook."

And when asked about her products, she says; "All my soaps are formulated for sensitive skin types and I use only eco-friendly and sustainably harvested ingredients. I have travel sized and pocket sized soap tins available too so people can carry to with them wherever they go."

Orange bergamot avocado soap

They are running a great deal on their soaps too! 5 bars for $20 or 10 bars for $40. In a time when frequent hand washing is such a high priority, it makes sense to use high quality soaps from a local business. I also think this is an amazing gift idea!

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